When the Care Button is triggered, the device connects to our virtual agent, Alice.

Alice connects the assigned care giver for that time of day.

The Care Giver talks to the client and assesses the situation.

The Care Giver can ask Alice to contact extra support including emergency services.

The Care Team receives a report of the care call.



Triggering a Care Call

The Care Button can be used for any type of call, ranging from medical advice to emergencies.

To trigger a call the client simply presses the button.


Responding to the care call

When the device is activated, Alice connects the client to the assigned care giver for that time of day.

During the active hours, family and the Care Team nurse can be the first point of contact. During the night, calls may go to the family, on call nurse, or the call center.

Assessing the situation

The care giver talks to the client and determines their need. For example they may request support from a pharmacist to provide medication advice. Calls are not limited to requesting emergency services.



Requesting additional resources

Once the care giver determines what is needed, Alice can help reach extra support, including emergency services.

The care giver does not have to leave the call but has the ability to start a conference call directly from their phone to predefined contacts, for example calling the client’s physician or family member

Post event reporting

When the care call completes the care team can receive a notification and record of the action taken by the care giver that handled the care call.

This happens in the background automatically.


24x7 care support

If the care team or family are unavailable or help is needed that Alice cannot provide, a live person is on hand to support. They will make sure he right care giver can provide the client with the right resources at the right time.